The purpose of the Arizona Area web site is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by providing a resource on the internet where alcoholics can get information about the activities and business pertaining to the Arizona Area of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Upcoming Area 03 Assemblies

2017 August Assembly
August 18th - 20th, 2017
Mesa, AZ

Assembly Information & Registration Page
Online Registration is Now Open

2017 November Assembly (Election)
November 4th - 5th, 2017
Yuma, AZ

2018 Pre Conference Assembly
April 6th - 8th, 2018
Tucson, AZ

2018 Post Conference Assembly 
June 16th, 2018
Tombstone, AZ
Delegates report from the 2018 GSC

67th GSC-2017, Area 03 Delegates Report
PDF - English

Reporte del Delegado del Area 03 de la 67th Conferencia de Servicios Generales 2017
PDF - Spanish

Area 03 Online Donation Survey

Arizona Area 03 is conducting a survey of the membership to see if there is enough interest for Area 03 to consider setting up an "Online Donations to Area 03" capabilty. Please help us by submitting your vote of interest on the form.

Click here to go to the survey form

Upcoming Events

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 “I am responsible . . .
When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that: I am responsible.”